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Typostrate Weekend Inspiration 62

Thank you - most of all for your interest and following typostrate. Every day we are searching for som extraordinary interesting projects to show you the passion and power of type. This time there are animated and oldschool typeface designs within these inspiration block. Enjoy them and have a nice sunday.

Making good design is easy. It’s polishing the half-assed stuff that takes time.” Stefan G. Bucher

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Pantone Color Puzzles was a collaboration between publisher Abrams, Pantone and illustrator Tad Carpenter. In Pantone Color Puzzle,children learn to match shades of each of the six basic colors in a self-correcting format. Each page includes a full color illustration and has four removable puzzle pieces that fit into the four associated quadrants, arranged by shade. This puzzle book enables young children to further their color familiarity in a uniquely engaging way.


Creepy Type 2

This ‘oral alphabet’ must surely be a counterpart to the fleshy type I posted about a few months ago.

The toothy type has been created by Japanese designer 
Takayuki Ogawa
who was inspired by the the mouth’s ability to express such a wide range of emotions by itself. This is clearly demonstrated in the many emoticons that use the mouth to describe the key emotion: :) :D :p. :/ etc. Brilliantly executed, they have been made from stone powder clay, acrylic paint, varnish, wood and iron.

Though, you might think twice before using them on that wedding invite…
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